Order Forms & Info

Order Forms & Information

Motorsport Australia Foreign Participation in National Events Visa 

Class A Drivers who hold a licence issued by an ASN other than Motorsport Australia do not require the Motorsport Australia Foreign Participation in National Events Visa. However, these drivers will need written permission from their issuing ASN for the Bathurst 12 Hour event. Some ASN’s have an authorisation on the licence that covers all foreign events - please check with your ASN. 

For any other Class (B, C INV etc), Motorsport Australia Foreign Participation in National Events Visa application must be completed by all Competitors and Drivers who hold an ASN licence that is issued by any Country except Australia or New Zealand.

This form must be submitted to administrator@bathurst12hour.com.au cc memberservices@motorsport.org .au with supporting documents and the fee of $122AUD by 12 January 2023.

Sea Freight Packages: Sea Freight Packages available from Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and New Zealand (other ports and airfreight on request) through Gibson Freight: Contact: Matthew Backhouse Matthew.Backhouse@gibsonfreight.com.au / Mobile: +61 (0) 409 367 324. Fuel orders: RaceFuels RaceFuels is the exclusive supplier of all fuel for the Bathurst 12 Hour.  All teams must complete the Fuel Supply Registration at https://racefuels.info/registrations/12-hour-registration/ prior to the event. Please refer to the 2023 Sporting & Technical Regulations for further information on Fuel. 2023 Bathurst 12 Hour Fuel Information Gas, nitrogen, dry ice orders:

BOC Nitrogen & dry ice orders

Please contact Brad Johnston at brad.johnston@airr.com.au / +61 400 704 872.

Tyres: PIRELLI is the exclusive Tyre Supplier for the Bathurst 12 Hour.  All orders will be distributed by Pirelli’s agent, GARA Tyres.

Please contact Gara Tyres Australia Pty Ltd

Brad McLaughlan +61 475 636766

Radio frequencies & gear hire: Two-way radio communication is mandatory for each Car between the Driver and a Team member in Pit Lane.  Each Competitor must submit their Two-way Communication information to Gravity Media via this link. All frequencies will be checked for compliance with the Australian Authorities. All relevant licensing and permits are the responsibility of the individual Competitor. If radio frequencies conflict with the Circuit or emergency frequencies, Competitors will be compelled to change their frequency. Radio communications equipment can be hired from Gravity Media, who will be at the Event. Pricing - please refer to the rate card. Dorian Hire: Please contact TimeTronics - Ian Leach  ian.leech@timetronics.com.au TV and feed hire: RAS International Internet LAN feed, TV RF feed and a Timing LAN feed is supplied in each garage and is included in the Entry Fee. Splitters and a COAX TV Connector are required to be supplied by teams or hired from RAS International. Orders & pricing by email: ras@rasinternational.com.au Team Catering orders:

Teams Catering is a shared pro-order only facility for teams only.

Contact for all Teams Catering related enquiries:

Jessica Krebs

+61 410 553 115

Additional General Admission Tickets: Sent to the Entered Competitors by email in December 2022 - please contact administrator@bathurst12hour.com.au