THE GRID: 2018 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour

SOME of the best GT teams and drivers from Australia and around the world will line up on Sunday morning for the 2018 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour, and here’s the full grid:

After a thrilling lap in the Top 10 Shootout from Chaz Mostert, BMW Team Schnitzer and the young Aussie’s co-drivers Augusto Farfus and Marco Wittmann will start on pole position, with the #43 M6 GT3 leading the field to green at 5:45am for the start.

Also starting on the front row of the grid in second is the #22 Jamec Pem Racing Audi of Kelvin van der Linde, Garth Tander and Frederich Vervisch, while third will be the sister #22 Jamec Pem Audi of Christopher Haase, Christopher Mies and Markus Winkelhock.

The BRM Watches Pro-Am class will be lead away by pole-sitters Yasser Shahin, Thomas Enge and Luke Youlden in The Bend Motorsport Park Lamborghini, while the #69 Supabarn Audi of James Koundoris, Theo Koundouris, Ash Walsh and Duvashen Padayachee will start from the Shannons Class A Am pole in 16th overall.

Grove Racing will control the Porsche Class B cars off the start, with Ben Barker set to take the green flag aboard the #4 entry of himself, Stephen Grove and Brenton Grove ahead of the Boost Mobile Class C pole-sitter; which is the #30 Boat Works Racing BMW M4 GT4 of Tony Longhurst, Aaron Seton and Matthew Brabham.

Racer Industries Class I will be lead away by the #91 MARC Cars Australia MARC II V8 of Keith Kassulke, Rod Salmon and Will Brown.

Coverage of the enduro classic begins at 5:30am local time, with a live stream available on the Bathurst 12 Hour website for international viewers, while in Australia, the race will be broadcast Live on channel 7mate.

Full Bathurst 12 Hour starting grid:

Pos Num Team Drivers Car Class Time Session
1 43 BMW Team Schnitzer C. Mostert
A. Farfus
M. Wittmann
BMW M6 GT3 APP 2:01.9340 T10
2 22 Jamec Pem Racing K. van der Linde
G. Tander
F. Vervisch
Audi R8 LMS APP 2:02.1697 T10
3 74 Jamec Pem Racing C. Haase
M. Winkelhock
Audi R8 LMS APP 2:02.4344 T10
4 777 Buik Motorworks L. Youlden
T. Enge
Y. Shahin
Lamborghini R-EX APA 2:03.2352 T10
5 47 YNA Autosport S. McLaughlin
A. Watson
A. West
McLaren 650S GT3 APA 2:03.3481 T10
6 55 Strakka Racing C. Waters
D. Fumanelli
N. Leventis
L. Williamson
Mercedes-AMG GT3 APA 2:03.4181 T10
7 37 Audi Sport Team WRT R. Frijns
S. Leonard
D. Vanthoor
Audi R8 LMS GT3 APP 2:03.4485 T10
8 58 YNA Autosport S. van Gisbergen
C. Lowndes
C. Ledogar
McLaren 650S GT3 APP 2:03.6690 T10
9 17 Bentley Team M-Sport S. Kane
G. Smith
J. Gounon
Bentley Continental GT3 APP 2:03.7475 T10
10 12 Competition Motorsposrt M. Campbell
D. Calvert-Jones
P. Long
A. Davison
Porsche 911 GT3-R APA 2:05.1117 T10
11 56 Mercedes-AMG Team Strakka Racing M.Gotz
Mercedes-AMG GT3 APP 2:03.0857 Q2
12 82 Internatioal Motorsport M.Halliday
Audi R8 LMS APA 2:03.1625 Q2
13 32 Lago Racing R.Lago
Lamborghini R-EX GT3 APA 2:03.3660 Q2
14 18 Bentley Team M-Sport Maxime Soulet Bentley Continental GT3 APP 2:03.3817 Q2
15 75 Mercedes-AMG Team SunEnergy1 Racing T. Vautier
Mercedes-AMG GT3 APP 2:03.4383 Q2
16 69 Audi Sport Customer Racing A.Walsh
Audi R8 LMS AAM 2:03.4797 Q2
17 991 Craft Bamboo Racing L.Vanthoor
Porsche 911 GT3 R APP 2:03.5313 Q2
18 39 Audi Sport Team WRT P.Lamy
Audi R8 LMS APA 2:03.5409 Q2
19 9 Audi Sport Customer Racing M.Cini
Audi R8 LMS APA 2:03.6538 Q2
20 3 Audi Sport Customer Racing Daniel Gaunt Audi R8 LMS AAM 2:03.6603 Q2
21 8 Scott Taylor Motorsport C.Baird
Mercedes-AMG GT3 APA 2:03.6936 Q2
22 19 Nineteen Corp P/L D.Reynolds
Mercedes-AMG GT3 APA 2:03.6959 Q2
23 29 Trofeo Motorsport J.Manolios
Lamborghini Huracan APA 2:03.7569 Q2
24 11 Objective Racing T.Slade
McLaren 650S APA 2:04.2409 Q1
25 540 Black Swan Racing J.Bleekemolen
Porsche 911 GT3 R APA 2:04.2721 Q2
26 911 Manthey-Racing R.Dumas
Porsche 911 APP 2:04.5779 Q2
27 91 MARC Cars Australia K.Kassulke
MARC II V8 I 2:06.1184 Q1
28 67 MARC Cars Australia Morgan Haber MARC II V8 I 2:06.5310 Q1
29 66 Daytona Sportscars Ben Schoots Dodge Viper I 2:06.5967 Q1
30 4 Grove Motorsport Pty Ltd Ben Barker Porsche GT3 Cup B 2:08.0716 Q1
31 23 Team Carrera Cup Asia P.Tresidder
C.van der Drift
Porsche 991 B 2:09.2162 Q1
32 65 Daytona Sportscars D.Thomas
Daytona Coupe I 2:09.7100 Q1
33 54 MARC Cars Australia P.Morris
MARC II V8 I 2:10.2220 Q1
34 95 Eastgate Engineering Bryce Fullwood MARC Focus V8 I 2:10.5471 Q1
35 93 MARC Cars Australia Garry Jacobson MARC Mazda V8 I 2:11.0258 Q1
36 21 JFC – Carter Grange D.Stutterd
Porsche 911 B 2:11.7320 Q1
37 85 Wall Racing C.Espenlaub
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup B 2:12.0096 Q1
38 96 MARC Cars Australia J.Goodacre
MARC Focus V8 I 2:12.5664 Q1
39 30 Boat Works Racing Aaron Seton BMW M4 GT4 C 2:16.2626 Q1
40 44 BMW Team SRM X.West
BMW M4 GT4 C 2:16.9769 Q1
41 13 RHC-Lawrence/Strom (MarcGT) B.Strom
BMW M4 GT4 C 2:17.2531 Q1
42 49 KTM / M Motorsport Glen Wood KTM X-Bow GT4 C 2:17.4416 Q1
43 46 Prosport Performance GABH J.Viebahn
Porsche Cayman PRO4 C 2:18.0965 Q1
44 48 M Motorsport P/L J.McMillan
KTM X-Bow GT4 C 2:18.2490 Q1
45 77 Ginetta Australia Mike Simpson Ginetta G55 C 2:18.2649 Q1
46 40 On Track Motorsport G.Mennell
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 2:19.4251 Q1
47 33 MARC Cars Australia Rob Thomson MARC Mazda V8 I 2:20.8149 Q1
48 88 Ginetta Australia W.Tregurtha
Ginetta G55 C 2:22.1424 Q1
ROG 100 BMW Team SRM S. Richards
T. Glock
P. Eng
BMW M6 GT3 APP 2:02.665

By: Slade Perrins.