Driver and Ride Board

Driver and Ride Board

This section is where drivers and teams can put their details when looking for a drive in a team or a driver for the 2019 Bathurst 12 Hour. This will be updated regularly.

If you wish to put your details up on this page please contact the administrator.



1 November, 2018

Matt Jaskol here from Detour To Indy.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my racing career and capabilities, I am really excited to present my professional racing credentials to you for review. Seeing it’s been a few years since I have raced full time I am a FIA bronze which is just another bonus when it comes to being able to use me effectively within a team.

The reason I have posted this is because I am looking for an opportunity to race at the iconic Bathurst 12 Hour event in 2019. I definitely do not want to sound conceited or arrogant but I have worked very hard in this sport my entire life and have not only proven time and time again to be one of the fastest drivers in North America but maybe more importantly for my ability to be mechanically sympathetic to equipment while still being fast. Couple that with my long history and experience as a Racing/Driver Coach and mentor, I feel like I can be a positive addition to any team.

If you have a few minutes I would love to share some more of my details with you and hear about what you have planned for 2019. Would you be interested in talking to me?

To view Matt’s resume or to contact him, please click HERE

16 August, 2018
Two Australian drivers with Bathurst / Endurance experience looking for a GT4 drive.
Also experienced in F3, Formula Ford, WEC / Le Mans, Formula Renault, GT, Radicals, VeedeVee and karting.

Please contact via

8 August, 2018
Guy Stewart is looking for potential drive in the Bathurst 12H in 2019.
He is a bronze driver that has been racing for over 15 years and had multiple world class endurance experiences as per below:
1 x Bathurst 12H (third in class)
2 x Dubai 24H
5 x ADAC 24H and 1 x VLN at the Nürburgring (best result is fourth in class)

In addition, he have participated in many other shorter endurance races in New Zealand. He has finished all his endurance races, except a Dubai 24H where they had a mechanical failure; at 23 hours.

For interest, movies that he has made of some of my races can be seen at:

Please contact him via

10 July, 2018
Cor Euser is looking for a team that will run a car in class C (GT4, or Class I – Invitational) for himself (Click here for career highlights) and up to three other experienced endurance racers during 2019 Bathurst 12H. Preferred car is BMW M4 GT4, but all offers will be considered.
Please send your detailed offer or inquiries to



No details currently available.


Other Services

10 July, 2018
Darrell Dixon
 has a fully experienced crew with a full inventory of race equipment including, fuel rig, boom, hand tools, power tools, refuelers gear (FIA spec), catering equipment, rattle guns, etc. All a team needs to bring is the cars, spares and specialist tools. Our team has many years of racing experience at Bathurst, we also have accommodation options available.
Ring Darrell to discuss your requirements on +61(0)409 785 114